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Thursday, September 30, 2004

I don't ordinarily do these...

although these days, I seem to be doing them more and more. Thanks Jeana for a survey to pass the time. By the way, has anybody ever thought of online serveys as a means of constructing identity to ones self? New Paper idea! Performing Identity with Online Surveys!

Well, here goes:

Really Long Survey (over 200)

Created by starsbleed2nite and taken 38031 times on bzoink!

What is your name?Adam
Are you named after anyone?No
What's your screename?wadam, wakko, etc.
Would you name a child of yours after you?no
If you were born a member of the opposite sex what would your name be?Don't know... Ashley?
If you could switch names with a friend who would it be?wouldn't
Are there any mispronounciations/typos that ppl do w/ your name constantly?my name has been mis-spelled Dan before
Would you drop your last name if you became famous?nope
Your gender:male
Single?taken, ladies.
If not, do you want to be?nope
Your age:23
Age you act:Sometimes 6, sometimes like an old man
Age you wish you were:23
Your height:6'1"
Eye color:Hazel
Happy with it?yup
Hair color:brown
Happy with it?moderately
Your living arrangement:w/ GF
Your family:lots
Have any pets?two cats (Lucien and Alesdair)
Whats your job?Graduate Student / Lacky for the Modern Language Association
Obsessions?folklore, comic books, dungeons and dragons, technology (the list goes on)
Do you speak another language?nope, but I read some (German, Italian, Latin, a little bit of Hebrew)
Have a favorite quote?"God made my body. If it is defective, the defect lies with the manufacturor and not the product. Do not remove this tag under penalty of law" (Lenny Bruce)
Do you have a webpage?
Deep Thoughts About Life and You in it
Do you live in the moment?nope
Do you consider yourself tolerant of others?moderately
Do you have any secrets?a few
Do you hate yourself?nope
Do you like your handwriting?yes (although the degree to which it looks like my father's scares me)
Do you have any bad habits?yup.
What is the compliment you get from most people?"You like bibliography, don't you?"
If a movie was made about your life, what would it be called?Death and Dying in Higher Education
What's your biggest fear?blindness
Can you sing?nope
Do you ever pretend to be someone else just to look cool?nope
Are you a loner?yup
What are your #1 priorities in life?folklore, Sarah (GF), world domination?
If you were another person, would you be friends with you?nope
Are you a daredevil?nope
Is there anything you fear or hate about yourself?probably
Are you passive or agressive?yes.
Do you have a journal?Online, not paper, and never very detailed.
What is your greatest strength and weakness?beer (the cause of, and solution to all life's strife)
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?I would improve my social skills
Do you think you are emotionally strong?yup
Is there anything you regret doing/not doing in life?yup.
Do you think life has been good so far?yup.
What is the most important lesson you've learned from life?answer questions tersely (brevity is the soul of wit, you know)
What do you like the most about your body?its corporeal presence.
And least?the necessity for corporeal presence.
Do you think you are good looking?yes and no.
Are you confident?no.
What is the fictional character you are most like?uhh... Pandarus? Philip J. Fry? **JORELL, MASTER OF SCHEDULING**!!
Are you perceived wrongly?sometimes
Do You...
Do drugs?sometimes
Read the newspaper?sometimes
Go to church?no
Talk to strangers who IM you?sometimes
Sleep with stuffed animals?no
Take walks in the rain?sometimes
Talk to people even though you hate them?no
Drive?yes. quite a bit, actually.
Like to drive fast?sometimes
Would or Have You Ever?
Liked your voice?sometimes
Hurt yourself?yes.
Been out of the country?yes.
Eaten something that made other people sick?yes. many things.
Been in love?yes.
Done drugs?yes.
Gone skinny dipping?yes.
Had a medical emergency?yes.
Had surgery?oral surgery (wink wink)
Ran away from home?nope
Played strip poker?I was once present at a game, does that count?
Gotten beaten up?nope
Beaten someone up?yes.
Been picked on?yes.
Been on stage?nope
Slept outdoors?yes.
Thought about suicide?nope
Pulled an all nighter?yes.
If yes, what is your record?32 hours
Gone one day without food?yes.
Talked on the phone all night?yes.
Slept together with the opposite sex w/o actually having sex?yes.
Slept all day?nope
Killed someone?nope
Made out with a stranger?nope.
Had sex with a stranger?nope
Thought you're going crazy?yes.
Kissed the same sex?nope.
Done anything sexual with the same sex?nope.
Been betrayed?yes.
Had a dream that came true?yes (this questionairre. It was a long, boring dream)
Broken the law?yes.
Met a famous person?yes.
Have you ever killed an animal by accident?yes.
On purpose?yes.
Told a secret you swore you wouldn't tell?yes.
Stolen anything?yes.
Been on radio/tv?yes (don't tell anybody, okay?).
Been in a mosh-pit?yes.
Had a nervous breakdown?not clinical.
Bungee jumped?nope.
Had a dream that kept coming back?yes.
Belive in life on other planets?yes.
Santa?YES, OH YES!
Luck?not in the sense you mean it.
Love at first sight?yes.
Yin and yang (that good cant exist w/o bad)?yes.
Witches?I have some close friends who are witches. It would be remiss of me to disbelieve them, wouldn't it?
Easter bunny?no.
Believe its possible to remain faithful forever?yes, but no promises.
Believe theres a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?believe there's a pot of something at the end of the rainbow.
Do you wish on stars?occasionally
Deep Theological Questions
Do you believe in the traditional view of Heaven and Hell?I believe that the traditional view exists.
Do you think God has a gender?inasmuch as God is our creation and we cannot think outside of gender binaries.
Do you believe in organized religion?I believe that organized religion exists.
Where do you think we go when we die?Into the Pacific Ocean, if we're lucky.
Do you have any gay/lesbian friends?yes.
Who is your best friend?uhh... Max? Sarah? Sofiya? Uhh...
Who's the one person that knows most about you?see above.
What's the best advice that anyone has ever given to you?when in doubt, answer "see above"
Your favourite inside joke?I AM JORELL, MASTER OF SCHEDULING!
Thing you're picked on most about?my fashionable sense of punctuality?
Who's your longest known friend?Max.
Newest?uhh.. lots of new or new-ish friends...
Smartest?Too many smart friends.
Friends you miss being close to the most?Max, Sofiya, everybody in Berkeley.
Last person you talked to online?I don't talk online, unless you count yelling at the computer.
Who do you talk to most online?Ben.
Who are you on the phone with most?Family.
Who do you trust most?Sarah?
Who listens to your problems?Sarah (although listens may be the wrong word)
Who do you fight most with?Sarah.
Who's the nicest?Sarah.
Who's the most outgoing???
Who's the best singer?Hana
Who's on your shit-list?you.
Have you ever thought of having sex with a friend?yes.
Who's your second family?is "second family" like "third world"? Should we be PC and call it "developing family"?
Do you always feel understood?no.
Who's the loudest friend?I'm my own loudest friend, for I AM JORELL...! And second would be Max.
Do you trust others easily?no.
Who's house were you last at?mine?
Name one person who's arms you feel safe in:Sarah.
Do your friends know you?perhaps. I can't speak for them.
Friend that lives farthest away:So many live so far away. But perhaps Ben in Davis, CA. That's a whole different world.
Love and All That
Do you consider love a mistake?Nope.
What do you find romantic?things... and stuff.
Turn-on?brains, a nice neck.
Turn-off?back hair, girls who wear belly shirts who probably shouldn't.
First kiss???
If someone u had no interest in had interest in dating u how would u feel?like singing?
Do you prefer knowing someone before dating them or goingknowing first.
Have u ever wished it was more socially acceptable 4 a girl 2 ask a guy outthe only way I've ever gotten dates is when girls have asked.
Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone physically unattractivyes.
Do you think the opposite sex finds you good looking?probably only very moderately.
What is best about the opposite sex?... Dave Foley would say menstruation, and in a sense, he would be right.
What is the worst thing about the opposite sex?... Dave Foley would say that menstruation is the bes thing about the oposite sex, and in a sense, he would be wrong.
What's the last present someone gave you?nobody ever gave me nothin'... but seriously, I don't remember.
Are you in love?yes.
Do you consider your significant other hot?to me.
Who Was the Last Person...
That haunted you?you.
You wanted to kill?YOU.
That you laughed at?there was this girl who fell down the stairs on campus this one time.
That laughed at you?there was this girl who fell down the stairs on campus this one time.
That turned you on?uhh... ?
You went shopping with?Sarah?
That broke your heart?don't remember.
To disappoint you?don't remember.
To ask you out?Sarah, I suppose.
To make you cry?Sarah, I think.
To brighten up your day?Sarah.
That you thought about?Sarah (just now, as I was writing the previous answers)
You saw a movie with?Sarah.
You talked to on the phone?Sarah (or maybe Jeana).
You talked to through IM/ICQ?don't remember.
You saw?I sawed? Ouch!
You lost?From the Bunching 100 question parody test: Why, did you lose one?
Right This Moment...
Are you going out?I am out.
Will it be with your significant other?Not with her.
Or some random person?Nope.
What are you wearing right now?I'm wearing my keyboard (there's a lot of these questions, you know).
Body part you're touching right now:Reflexivity would suggest that I am currently touching every part of me right now.
What are you worried about right now?School, Life, you.
What book are you reading?I'm not reading, you insensitive clod!
What's on your mousepad?no mousepad.
Use 5 words to describe how you're feeling:entertained, bothered, tired, hurried, harassed.
Are you bored?nope.
Are you tired?yes.
Are you talking to anyone online?nope.
Are you talking to anyone on the phone?nope.
Are you lonely or content?yes.
Are you listening to music?nope.

Create a Survey | Search Surveys | Go to bzoink!

posted by Adam on 4:58 PM.

Go go HFS!

So I just submitted a 100 word abstract for the Hoosier Folklore Society conference. And it's for a paper that I've actually already written (yay!). I have 40-50 minutes, so I'm going to give the paper that I wrote about Dorson and the "Identification of Folklore in American Literature" article. Abstract, crappy as it may be, is included here:

On Reading “The Identification of Folklore In American Literature.”
By Adam Zolkover (Indiana University)

Neither the scholarly debate surrounding Richard Dorson’s 1957 article, “The Identification of Folklore in American Literature,” nor the limited extant scholarship on Dorson and his career, addresses the methodology proposed in this article as part of a larger project encompassing Dorson’s career. In this paper, I wish to do just that: Using evidence internal to the article and from his collected writings, I intend to demonstrate the degree to which his proposed methodology for the identification of folklore in literary works was integral to his project of defining American Folklore both as a discipline, and as a subject matter.

posted by Adam on 3:43 PM.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

A Funny thing...

A funny thing happened to me yesterday. I lost track of what day it was, worked until 1 p.m., had lunch, and only just after two did I realize that my Gypsy class had been going on already for an hour. So I ran in late, unprepared, and was immediately asked a barrage of questions about the text. Luckily, I could pass with the excuse that I was a little bit frazzled and trying to figure out where we were (having missed an hour and all). It really sucked.

posted by Adam on 7:00 AM.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Looking up.

So things are definitely looking up. I have an outline for my Deep Down in the Jungle paper now, and by the end of the day, I should have a working bibliography, and perhaps an introduction. The problem is that my outline is primarily for the 20-30 page paper that I'm writing for my classes, and cutting it down to 10 pages to give at AFS will be something of a problem. I'm not too concerned, however. Now that I'm actually getting ideas down and getting reading done, I'm pretty well convinced that things are going to turn out well. Very well, in fact, considering how excited I'm getting about this paper. I have at least 30 items in mind for the bibliography, and enough material to write A LOT, I think. Go me.

In other news, I think that I have a pretty good model for a MA thesis. Verbal Art as Performance by Richard Bauman (yes, my professor assigns his own essays) is a little bit short for a thesis at 51 pages with notes, but it's laid out in a very coherent, logical fashion that would work well as a thesis. And for my thesis, all the better because of the subject matter. I think that it'll take a bit of thought to get things right, but things shouldn't be too hard on that account.

posted by Adam on 10:01 AM.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

The cats are crazy. CRAZY!

I don't want to do work.

I have about 400 pages worth of reading to do for my Deep Down in the Jungle paper, preferably in the next couple of days.

I have so much reading for my actual classes.

On the bright side, I'm writing the same paper (an expansion of the Deep Down in the Jungle paper) for both my performance class and my cultural studies class.

But have I mentioned that I don't want to do work?

Oh yeah, and I feel like complaining.

posted by Adam on 11:54 AM.

Sunday, September 19, 2004


Here's some quick ones:

I'm sick. Yuck. I feel like shit and all I want to do is sleep and play video games. Which brings us to our second point:

I have so much reading to do. I need to finish re-reading Althusser on Ideological State Apparatuses for tuesday, then a bunch of performance stuff for wednesday, not to mention that I'm presenting on the reading for my Gypsy class on tuesday and I don't even have the reading for that (I need to go to the library tomorrow whether I'm well enough to go to work or not). Oh yeah. And let's not forget the AFS stuff that I haven't started doing yet.

I saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow yesterday. It was very cool. I really didn't like it in the beginning, but it grew on me as it went on. It was very smart and made reference to a lot of the more obscure classics of sci-fi cinema (not to mention the obvious ones). It's spotty in places, but gets my recommendation overall.

As I hinted before, if I'm not feeling better, I'm not going to work tomorrow. I can make it up on friday. That'd be okay if it meant not being sick at work for 4 hours.

Yet another Lotus has passed me by, and I didn't get to see any of the acts. I really don't like that you have to buy day-long passes to the Lotus festival. Really, I only wanted to see one or two bands that were going to be here (Darrol Anger and Mike Marshall, for instance), but instead of being able to just pay to go see them, I'd have to pay for the whole day. Suck.

And I think that's all my updating for now. Off to pick Sarah up then eat bagels for lunch! Yay! More Bagels!

posted by Adam on 11:22 AM.

Thursday, September 16, 2004


Been a while since I've posted. From now on, I'll try to be better about that, but being out of the house for so long, so much of the week, things are really hectic and not conducive to a daily blog... We'll see what happens. I'd really like to keep up with this better, but... we'll see.

Anyway, so the question on everybody's mind is: What has Adam done this week?

Well, last weekend, there were a bunch of parties. Friday, I and a bunch of folklore people went to the Irish Lion for dinner and drinking, which turned out to be a pretty good idea, considering that they're not that expensive for dinner if you only eat the pub-grub, and the drinks are significantly cheaper than at Nicks English Hut, which is where the Folklore Department usually holds its happy hour. I guess the lesson here, then, is down with the English! Éireann go Brách!

Then saturday night was Jeana and Sarah L.'s pirate party, which was really cool. A lot of good drinking and raucousness--and singing of chanties!--there. And then sunday night, Peggy (another folklorist) had a party at her house in the country, which is so spacious outside that it's almost ranch-like. That was a lot of fun, and I got to see Henry (Glassie) and Pravina (Shukla), whom I haven't seen in a while. All good times.

In other news, I also made Lox this week, which turns out to have been a bad idea. They came out really well. REALLY well. But there is a lot of them, and only me to eat them... and I have no bagels. This was just poorly planned.

Well... reading and class and work, so I'm off.

posted by Adam on 4:31 PM.

Thursday, September 09, 2004


It only took two attempts and a whole lot of run-around, but I managed to book a room for AFS at the low advertised price of $115 per night. So between four people, that comes to $28.75 per night, which is only just a little bit over $100 per person for the entire conference. Pretty good deal, I'll say.

posted by Adam on 1:22 PM.

Quick things.

Our little kitty is so cute. It turns out he's a boy, and his name is Alestair, and it turns out that he's incredibly friendly, although really playful in that slightly bothersome kitten-like way. He also makes Sarah have panic attacks about asthma, so we'll see how long he sticks around. I'm sure that if he really makes Sarah that unable to breath, we would have a plethora of friends willing to give him a good home.

Work is good. Although I still can't input the books I've indexed into the computer because the one (ONE!) guy at the MLA headquarters who takes care of such things is on a two-week vacation. So I have a hundred or so items sitting on my desk waiting to be copied into the computer, and I'm a bit bothered that it'll end up taking forever just because some guy in NY is on vacation and the MLA is too cheap to get a temp.

And school is good. I'm making some little progress on my AFS / Performance class paper. I'm also doing a lot of reading by the founders of Cultural Studies (although not E.P. Thompson. I'd rather read E.P. Thompson.) and significant reading on the Roma and what exactly it means to be Romanes.

Finally, there's a whole lot of socializing going on. More, I think, than I've ever done before in my life. It's kind of nice, but it's also kind of a bother, being that 4 days a week, I have to get up before seven to get to work on time. We'll see how this plays out...

posted by Adam on 7:22 AM.

Saturday, September 04, 2004


Been a long time since I've written. Sorry about that. The first week of school has been exceedingly time-consuming. Not bad, but definitely time-consuming. I'm working monday-thursday morning for three or four hours indexing books for the folklore volume of the MLA bibliography, which is a very cool job, but much harder work than I thought it would be. Fortunately, it's very flexible, and they don't mind when I need to take a five minute break every 45 minutes (because my eyes get buggy indexing article after article). Then my classes are also pretty cool. I'm taking "Roma History through Music and Art," which is kind of a strange class in which we're reading pretty much everything ever written on Eastern European Roma (Gypsies for the non-politically correct). Then I'm taking "Introduction to Cultural Studies," which is interesting and for which the reading is good, but in which the professor is kind of crazy. We don't exactly have seminar-style discussions about the readings in that class. Instead, she goes through and asks us questions and makes comments about what the author is trying to do; and when we do discuss, it's very strange because English grad students apparently have a very different idea of things like "art" than do folklorists. Finally, I'm taking "Performance," which seems really cool. I'm not a huge fan of Performance theory as the central idea of my research, but I figure if I'm going to take one class on the subject, this should be it (Performance with Bauman is like taking Semiotics with Umberto Eco, or something). The reading is good, and I'm going to write my AFS paper as my paper for the class (and hopefully as my paper for my cultural studies class too), which is really nice.

But classes aren't all that's going on. I went to a lovely late-night party last night out about half-way toward Nashville, IN, where I mingled with a bunch of cool folklorists and non-folklorists, and even six cows of various colors and designs. And then today, we're getting the new kitten. She's done with quarantine, so we're going to pick her up and take her right to the vet, where we'll traumatize her some more. Her name, by the way, is going to be Anna. So we'll have Lucien and Anna at last. Haha! I would have also accepted the name Akathla (like the world-eating demon from the end of season two of Buffy), but Sarah thought that it wasn't girly enough. Hmph. But Anna is better anyway.

posted by Adam on 9:09 AM.

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